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Online Analysis

An in-depth report of your online business presence  & recommendations
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Before we can move forward in our business, we need to know where we are right now.  


Analysis plays an important role in measuring our performance, sales and success.  

Knowing how your business is found, how your branding, story, descriptive copy and social media presence portray your services or products is key.  This allows you to see where you are smashing it and the areas that need some attention or change.


This package looks into your online presence... it will give you certain facts and figures along with my personal and professional opinion.  

I will detail what I believe is working well for you and areas that need improvement, along with suggestions of how this can be achieved. 

I will initially look into how you are found, plus the statistics, content and engagement.  This will include: 

  • Google search results in your field along with actual business searches...

  • Looking at which social media platforms you are on, giving the stats and a basic overview on all....

  • An in-depth analysis into your 3 highest performing social media accounts... 

  • Your website, its functionality, appeal and usage...

  • Looking how your branding and business name is carried throughout...

  • And more...

Before I complete my analysis, you will be sent a simple questionnaire regarding your business, social media platforms and any specific areas you would like me to concentrate on.  We will also have a short call to discuss this, ensuring we are both working towards the same goal.  For full analytics on certain social media it is often best to grant me access as an admin. 


The report will be delivered within 7 days of receiving the questionnaire and call:  it will be detailed in the agreed aspects as well as giving my personal recommendation and any improvements that could be made.

To book your Online Analysis Package please contact me via the form below: