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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Creative Blu has been created from a true passion to help women who want to work for themselves.  The rise in women turning to entrepreneurship is ever increasing. Many choosing to work from home whilst juggling their business with running a home and caring for their families.

Having been a single parent for over 14 years I have experienced this from both an employee perspective and also from running my own business for 10 years.  Working for myself I definitely experienced the benefits of being there for my children and able to work around them.  I also know that at times it took an enormous amount of effort to keep all of those balls in the air. 

I want to share my experiences and knowledge of setting up and running a small business.  The tools and strategies I learnt along the way, along with an abundance of experience within various other industries I have worked in beforehand.  

Even at a young age I had a desire to succeed and learn everything in each job I had.  My first employment working at McDonalds as a 17 year old saw me progress to a floor manager within 6 months.  In every job throughout the years, I have tried to work hard and progress up the ranks.  Always passionate about great service, fabulous products and customer satisfaction I was keen to make the most of every opportunity. I always prided myself in my part that pushed standards higher, created new unique offerings or adapting to changing circumstances.  I have also been blessed with creativity, out of the box thinking and positive mindset.  These have helped in suggesting and creating new ideas, products, added value, promotions and services and in making the necessary changes to carry these through to completion.

Over the years many friends and small businesses have come to me in the search of advice, help and inspiration.   I am proud to have been instrumental in helping them identify and make the necessary changes required and creating success stories along the way.  It is for this reason that I am here to help, inspire and motivate you.  To assist you in transforming the way you work and think to achieve success for your business and you.


My passion for inspiring success to the best of my ability, as well as offering further help to others, has led me to commence an accredited coaching course.  This will enable me to help you further in creating positive mindset changes.  Together we can find ways for you to think and work more effectively in order to achieve your dreams in both your work and your life.

My vision is to help many women find success in their businesses, offering great products and services, giving fantastic value to their ideal clients and earning their worth.  I hope is to extend my one to one client offerings to courses and retreats and of course create a community where like minded women can ask for help, support each other and share their successes.  I hope you join me on my journey to further success for myself and others.

Tanya Xx