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Creative Blu Community?

My Facebook group is a community created for women who are small business owners and budding entrepreneurs ready to kick 2020 into the gutter and take brave new steps forward in their business.  It is a dynamic space to feel inspired and supported, to find direction and vision, to create and achieve new heights.  A place to learn, grow and connect with other like-minded, incredible women like YOU!  


Whether you have always dreamed about running your own business,  just started a new one or you have been established for some time, if you’re raring to move forward into 2021, prepared to invest your time and effort, excited to learn from and help others in your journey to success then this group is for you.  


In this group I will regularly share business tips and guidance… motivation and mindset strategies… real life stories and issues... training... live chats… and more. 

As a member of this group you can learn from the resources I share, ask for help or advice, share your stories, dilemmas and successes and of course help and support others in their quest for success too.


This community is perfect if you want to work smarter not harder.  You want to reach those goals and visions you have or perhaps you need to reignite the joy and passion that you had when you first started your business.  You want to feel inspired and empowered to work efficiently, spending more time on the aspects of your work that you love and learning ways to organise and assign time to the parts that you don’t.

If you need help and advice in how to start or progress, how to adapt or change direction (especially in these uncertain times) then this space will give you the tools, positive direction, motivation and inspirational ideas to enable you to work through and find solutions. 

I have an abundance of experience and knowledge, and along with my out of the box creative mindset I can help you to see how you can transform the way you work. I am so passionate about helping women to move forward to success that I am currently training as an accredited life coach so that I can inspire you even more to think and work more effectively to achieve your dreams. I will be sharing my new learned knowledge and skills here with you too.

So if you want to propel yourself and your business forward in 2021, and want to do so alongside a great group of supportive entrepreneurial women, then jump on over to my group and let’s get started…


On arriving in the group please check out the introduction thread, introduce yourself, support others and feel free to shout out when you need a little help. Also feel free to invite other small business owners like yourself... the more great women supporting other great women the higher we all rise.

Tanya Xx

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