Creative Branding

For Social Media

Ensure your brand is at the heart of all of your social media presence
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Social media now comes in all shapes and forms and is ever growing, adapting and improving the user experience. 

Businesses now use Social Media as a key part of their marketing plan, to connect to their ideal clients and put services and or products in front of them.  

Branding is key to being seen in the ever-increasing traffic of social media.  Most people have a business name and logo, maybe their personal name, face or a tagline that people recognise, but without that showing through in their posts these can often be scrolled past without realising. 

This package takes your Business Branding to the next level.  

From your business logo and brand colours I can create cover images, social media backgrounds, post and story templates etc all in your branded style so future social media interactions are consistently representing you. 

You can choose 2 desired social media platforms to have branded images created for.  

Eg: Facebook could include Page Cover / Group Cover / Profile Image / Standard Post Images (in a selection of formats all in line with your brand) Standard Story Backgrounds (again in a selection of formats)

Once the designs have been created they will be sent not only as images (.png or .jpg) for you to directly upload but also as Canva templates for you to easily use, change and download for future posts.  This will come with basic instructions on how to use.  

To use and change the templates you will need to register for a Canva account (you can sign up for FREE to use these)

To find out more or order your Creative Branding Package please contact me.