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Are you a small business owner or budding entrepreneur wanting and ready to take brave new steps forward in your business? Are you craving to feel inspired and supported, to find new direction and vision, to create and achieve new heights?

I  am a Business & Lifestyle Coach and Mentor  with a passion to inspire women to create and grow their business confidently, whilst aligned with and supporting the lifestyle they truly desire.


I have an abundance of experience and knowledge, and along with my out of the box creative mindset, I can help you to transform the way you live and work to create success, fulfilment and joy for your business and you.


If you're ready to move forward and prepared to invest your time and effort into both your business and life... then you're in the right place.

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to make positive and effective shifts in the way you work in order to take your business to the next level…  

  • You want to redefine your direction and vision…

  • You want to work smarter not harder...

  • You want to feel inspired and empowered…

  • Maybe you need to reignite your joy and passion for what you do…  

  • You want to learn how to adapt and change with the times…

  • You want to know how to sell your value to your ideal clients rather than just putting your product or service out there for all and hoping for the best…

  • You want to know how to move up to the next level of success…  

  • You want to work efficiently and reap the benefits you truly deserve for your efforts… 

  • You are ready, determined and prepared to take brave new steps for increased success...


Hi I am Tanya Anear...

...the name, face and voice of Creative Blu


I am a 52 year old single mother of 2 teenage boys living in Banstead, Surrey.

Creative Blu has been created from my passion to help and inspire women to create and grow their business confidently, whilst aligned with and supporting the lifestyle they truly desire.

I’m here to be your personal mentor, listener, advisor, motivator and accountability partner.

I have an abundance of expertise, experience and knowledge within various industries and from running my own business. I am an accredited Life Coach and use the skills that I have learnt to help you discover the best answers, strategies and  actions that will take you forward.  

I am also known for my out of the box, creative thinking and mindset, which enables me to help you to transform the way you work and think, bringing success in a harmonious way that supports your work and life.

I am so passionate about helping women to move forward, to think and work more effectively, in order to achieve both professionally and personally.

I will be here to support you along the way and celebrate your wins.

Tanya Xx

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Business Extras

I offer a range of business extras from analysis, branding and design, vision & goals and more.  Keep an eye out for new services being added.

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Small Business
Online Analysis

An in-depth report into your online business presence along with recommendations.

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Creative Branding 
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Ensure your brand is at the heart of your social media presence with branded graphics and templates.



       I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your 6 week Inspiring Business Course. I can’t believe what I have achieved in such a short space of time, without your advice and inspiration I would not have been able to move forward with my business. I have thoroughly enjoyed our meetings and Zoom has worked perfectly. If we go off on a tangent you get us back on track quickly, you have made me think about my business and what I want to achieve clearly and pointed me in the right direction to achieve this. When you have made a suggestion for something I should do you follow this up with practical information and advise on how I do it and you also check in to see how I am getting on.  You have helped me assess how I want my business (and personal life) to grow and given me the tools to instigate this. Now that I am actively scheduling in various tasks like admin & accounts each month, it leaves me free to fully concentrate on my projects plus get that valuable day off each week I had wanted for some time. I also love the homework e-mails and once I receive them I know exactly what I need to work on and it motivates me to get on and action it.

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who is stuck in moving forward to understand what they want to achieve and how to do this. You are such a lovely positive person and you have made a huge difference to not only the way in which I work but in the way I think about myself and my business. Thank You.

Claire Duncan, Inspirational Interiors

  Tanya  always follows up our calls with an email, which allows me to focus during the session.  She also sets me some homework  tasks.  Today she explained the benefits of videos and that my potential clients need to see me! they need to see the face behind Jo Thorpe Photography. Tanya asked me to record a little video for her (as a first step), instead I took this one step further and I recorded myself live on instagram! I talked about the photography that I have been doing over the past few days in the snow and mentioned that I wil be posting more images soon. I recorded it once and got it spot on first time! I was very pleased with myself and I would not have done this without the help and encouragement that I received from Tanya xx thank you again x 

Jo Thorpe, Jo Thorpe Photography

If anyone has started or thinking of starting a new venture , I can absolutely recommend the lovely Tanya !!

A bit about me ....  I’ve been a beauty therapist for over 30 years , has my own salon , set up a little salon at home and then my girls came along 18 years ago .   My home salon was great for keeping my hand in  while I raised the girls and suited me at the time. I  also had a full time job at the school but still worked in my home salon in the evenings or when I could.  I knew that when the girls were a bit older I wanted to focus more on my business ...

This is where Tanya came in ...  We sat together, going through what I actually wanted to get from my business , what image I wanted to portray etc ... she was v patient and had so much knowledge and really made me feel “ I could do it !”

She helped me design my price lists etc and was always in the end of a phone to answer questions or to give advise or just a pep talk to say “ you’ve got this !!”

Anyway, back to now , I have a very successful beauty business in Banstead , lots of v loyal and happy clients and I truly couldn’t have done it with out Tanya !!  Big thanks 

Sue Pelling, Serenity at Home